Week Six Blues

It is now six weeks into winter term, and the stress is really starting to kick in. Every term, and I mean every, I start to stress about classes on week six. I am not exactly sure why this is the week for the blues to set in, but like clockwork every term, they do. The vibe around my apartment has even caught the blues which does not ease my stress. 

In a recent post by Elizabeth Scott, she gives advice on how to turn a bad day into a good day. This post caught my attention because lets face it, I need some advice to turn these blues around.

A day that starts off on the wrong side of the bed doesn’t have to end on the wrong side too. I think Scott makes a good point when she points out that our mood directly affects people around us, which is why if we are in a bad mood the world seems to be against us. So, my goal is to turn this term around and start week six with a new attitude.

I am taking the advice given to me and I am going to work things out while getting in a good work out. I always feel better after escaping the world while listening to music and getting a good work out in. It also wouldn’t hurt to exercise a little bit more.

So week six, I have decided I am going to overcome you by taking my blues and stress to the gym.


About ssahagian89

My name is Stephanie Sahagian and I am a senior at the University of Oregon. I am on schedule to graduate this spring term. I am majoring in Journalism with a concentration in PR and a minor in business.
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