Twitter Blunders

“Watch what you say on Twitter” should be everyone’s personal motto while they are tweeting. In the social media world if you are a well-known name, society is going to be watching you. Not only are they going to be watching you, they are hoping that you make a mistake that they can attack you for.

Sony’s fictional marketing exec Kevin Butler accidentally retweeted a root key (which enables your PlayStation3 to read pirated or custom software) without knowing what he did. Although it was quickly taken down, the damage had already been done. By Wednesday afternoon TIME magazine had already covered it the story.

If I were to have seen this tweet I probably would not have understood that it was in fact a negative outcome for Sony, but there were plenty of “gamers” and other viewers who knew that this was a mistake on Sony’s part.

Although there have been worse Twitter blunders, it should still be something that you are constantly being cautious of every time you tweet. Tweets are public posts and once it is sent out into the web it is instantly out for everyone to see. However, I don’t know if I think this was a big enough slip up for TIME magazine to run a story on it. In our society though anything is fair game to write about.



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My name is Stephanie Sahagian and I am a senior at the University of Oregon. I am on schedule to graduate this spring term. I am majoring in Journalism with a concentration in PR and a minor in business.
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