The Real World is Approaching

Today the realization of the real world being right around the corner hit me hard when I realized tomorrow would be my last time registering for a term of classes in college. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was being dropped off at Bean dorms and having my whole four amazing years of college ahead of me? I guess it is time to stop living in the past and look forward to the future…of finding a career, or at the very least a job.

I have had my fair share of job interviews back in high school and college, however the thought of going to an interview that could potentially start off my career is very nerve racking. I found the tips from The Hiring Hub to be very helpful and comforting to know.

One of the main misconceptions about an interview in my opinion is not asking the interviewer to either repeat a question or explain what they are asking. As pointed out in the tips, it is more important to understand what you are being asked than to answer the wrong question. An interview is a professional setting, but you are still a human and asking to explain more is OK.

A tip I keep hearing again and again is “wait for opportunities to ask questions.”  For example if you ever have an opportunity to show that you have done your homework on the company you are interviewing for, it puts you ahead of the crowd. I think this also shows that you are interested and came prepared for the interview.

Just like giving a presentation you do not want to sound too scripted, so although it is good to do your homework and have information, you want to keep the interview sounding natural. “Prepare, but don’t over do it” is great advice.

I have already printed out these tips and put them on my desk because I know that they will come in handy when I am out in the real world in just a few shorts months.


About ssahagian89

My name is Stephanie Sahagian and I am a senior at the University of Oregon. I am on schedule to graduate this spring term. I am majoring in Journalism with a concentration in PR and a minor in business.
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