A Biased Super Bowl?

We all know that the 45th Super Bowl is soon approaching, and if you are like me you already have your Sunday planned out. You know exactly who is bringing what and where exactly you are going. The only thing you don’t know, who is going to win.

As I was surfing the web about recent Super Bowl news, I came across a blog on the NFL website about Roger Staubach whom is the chairman of the Super Bowl XLV Host Committee. I was a little shocked to say the least when I read that he would prefer for the Packers to win the Super Bowl due to his past loses with the Steelers.

Yes, we are all rooting for our team to win, however as a chairman for the Super Bowl committee your opinion should remain unbiased. A simple comment of course will not make or break the outcome of the game, but it will make Steelers fans sit a little uncomfortably in their seats after hearing this comment.

Past experiences and in this case past grudges should be kept out of the present. As a member of the Super Bowl committee I feel as if Staubach should not have said the comment he said. He needs to keep his opinions to himself and make sure that what he is saying is not going to jeopardize his reputation as well as the NFL’s.

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Social Not-Working

In college it is normal to constantly be updated on every move one of your “friends” is making just by viewing their Facebook profile. Privacy is a word that few in our generation can fully comprehend now with all of the social networking tools that are available to us.

On Twitter we can literally get an update of your status every few seconds; Facebook can constantly be updated to show new friends being made, relationships starting and ending. However now it is not a matter of just staying connected with peers and family, it is about commenting and having your opinions shown and be heard to individuals. One of the main targets in college? Athletes with a future to go professional.

In a recent post on the Sports Illustrated site by Andy Staples he addresses the problems college athletes face with social networking, mainly Facebook. He suggests a Facebook shut down for eight days to save college football fans  from none other than themselves in his post, Please, Facebook: Help shameless recruitniks help themselves.

Has Facebook and other social networking sites gotten to a point where they can now influence behavior to an extreme such as choosing where one goes to play for college or pro? Andy Staples seems to think so, and I agree.


With the absurd comments and posts that have been made to athletes, some as young as high school, show why there is no doubt Facebook could and does have an affect on individuals. C.J. Johnson was being harassed (and that’s putting it mildly) while trying to make a decision on where to attend college for football. According to him, Facebook did play a role in his decision making.

So are these college football fans really helping themselves or are their actions having the exact opposite reaction as to what they intended to have. Well Staples thinks so, and I can’t help but start to wonder that myself. Clearly there is a strong enough influence to sway a player one way or another, however it may not be in the direction you intended it to be.

So fellow college football fans, think twice before posting a comment and think about the real consequences of your social networking.

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A Bold Hope

I have been raised around football. Just the other day my dad and I were in a sports store when he spotted a 49er poster that had the two latest Super Bowl dates on it. One was perfectly on my first birthday, as I pointed out. My dad’s response? Oh, just that he remembered the 49ers winning that year but didn’t remember it being my first birthday.

Needless to say, I have a HUGE sports fanatic dad. Which is why as I grow up my love and respect for all sports is growing with me.

I have decided that as a Journalism major I want to narrow my passion to sports event planning of sorts. The recent post on Sports Illustrated about Oregon football hits very close to home being a student at University of Oregon.

I was a little bummed out to say the least when I flew all the way to Arizona to only see our hopes of being national champions shattered in the very last seconds of the game. However, after reading this post I see a flicker of light shinning again on our Oregon team.

The post entitled, “5 Bold Predictions for the 2011 Season” by Paul Thompson gives back the hope of another amazing season with our ducks. He points out five “key” factors that will give us the team we need to win a national championship.

Next year I will be an alumni (scary) and I plan on making it to every game…well hopefully. So fellow duck fans and sports fans in general, let’s hope these predictions are accurate and we have another amazing season.

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Finding my Social Media Personality

This being my second blog I feel I have yet to really define my own social media personality. If someone were to meet me in real life I don’t know if I would come across as any different than I do while on my blog. I did however get to thinking about as I continue on with blogging and twittering, will my social media personality become more defined? Will it be THAT much more different than what I am like in real life? A blog post The Social Roadmap: What Is Your Social Media Personality, by Sam Fiorella questions what actions stand out and shape a social media personality. A great example he uses deals with Twitter. An online post which is suppose to be sarcastic could in fact be taken seriously leaving the viewer to have a different idea of the type of humor and/or personality than the person was aiming for.

Not only can tone be hard to detect, but the frequency of your posts can also be a sign of your personality. Being a newbie at blogging and really using any social media that requires constant updates about my thoughts  and opinions is something I will struggle with to do frequently at first. Will I be judged by my viewers because of this? This is assuming I do in fact have viewers : ). It is true that anyone with access to the internet can blog, tweet, Facebook ect. and put virtually anything out for the public to see. So what makes blogs stand out and show a true personality through an online social media tool? Fiorella encourages and warns online writers to logically think about the impact of your actions before engaging. We must be careful and truly think about what our messages are saying to our viewers and the impressions we are creating.

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An Introduction

My name is Stephanie Sahagian and I am a senior at the University of Oregon. I am on schedule to graduate this spring term. I am majoring in Journalism with a concentration in PR and a minor in business. This will be my first blog post ever, and to be honest, it is a little nerve racking. Having your thoughts sent out for everyone to see and comment on takes some guts and time getting use to. In order for me to continue with my career in PR I know I am going to need to be able to comfortably use social media tools such as WordPress, so here I am. Along with being nervous I am also very excited to see what is going to come of this. I am hoping to meet many new people along with new blogs to widen my knowledge of the Journalism world. With this blog I am going to follow individuals and companies that I know will help me stay focused on my career path and keep me updated with the latest news in this profession.

As I am writing this I keep thinking about all of the possibilities and new experiences that I am going to have. I have always been curious to see what would happen if I started a blog and the new interesting sites I would be introduced to. I am nervous but also very excited to begin my blogging adventure.

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